Saturday, January 9, 2010


You took me to the stars,
as we stared above,
we looked into our hearts,
and saw pure love.
If you were ever to leave,
it would break me so,
the pain i would feel,
you could never know.
You held me in your arms,
whispering "I love you".
Some how I can't believe,
that you really do.
It doesn't make sense,
for you to love me.
I'm way to intense,
and you save me.
By seeing your face,
every single day,
I know that,
we'll forever,
be this way.
I love you,
I need you,
I can't live,
without you,
Don't leave me,
I promise to do;
what it takes,
just stay here,
forever at my side,
through the day,
through the night.
One day we'll go back,
see how they look,
take pictures,
put them in a book.
I'll always remember,
you,me and the stars.
Forever and ever,
they'll watch over us.

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