Thursday, January 7, 2010


Have you ever been in love? Like really in love not that fake I love you(even though we've only been dating 3 days). Like real head over heels burning passion love? It's the most amazing, frustrating thing. To want to be with someone so bad you don't care about anything else. When you're away from them it hurts like excruciating pain like being stabbed over and over and over in the chest. Just the thought of being away from them is such a burning pain. Always worried where they are what they're doing if they're OK? It's so hard and yet, so easy all at the same time. I just feel so overwhelmed by everything all the time, like I'm drowning all the time and I just keep getting dunked and pounded by hard rolling waves, and the only time I can breathe the only time I can pay attention is when they're around pulling me out of the water and helping me on to the sand just to leave at a certain time and leave me to go back into the water. It's stupid really, such a silly, pathetic little human emotion. It makes you do crazy things and you never realize or even stop to think about the consequences, you just do, whatever they do. If only there was an off switch, so that I could turn it off during the day, so I could concentrate but no. I have to feel this way all the time no matter what no matter when just waiting for the time to see them again. But it's not always bad the part about the excruciating pain, well, it's all worth it when he whispers or says or shouts I love you to know that he feels for you in the exact same way you feel for him though you could never believe he loved you any more than you loved him, it's just not possible. I love him, always will, forever.

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