Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm sorry I have to put this on here. I have been debating with my friends for weeks over one particular topic that just seems impossible to settle. Would Edward Cullen beat Harry Potter in a fight? My answer? HELL YES! I do have reasonable logic and developed arguments to support my theory.

Edward Cullen can read minds. So, the moment Harry Potter decides to take out his wand or say a spell Edward has already heard his thoughts run over and snapped his wand before Harry can blink. I'm sorry but when there's a fight between a little boy with a twig and an immortal, indestructible, invincible vampire, that is faster than the speed of light and stronger than the world's heavy weight lifting champion times 100. I am going to pick the vampire.

Also, how do we even know if the spells that harry knows would work on a vampire? I am also sick of hearing that the death eaters would beat the Volturi. Again, no way Jane can cause the illusion of pain, Alec can cut off your senses, Chelsea can weaken your relationships and tie you to anyone, and Feix is huge!

There is no way in hell Harry Potter could beat Edward Cullen in a fight it is highly impossible! There are no arguments that I won't fight against this Harry Potter vs. Edward Cullen = Harry dies.

Team Edward for life.

Also, I do love the Harry Potter series, it's a fantastic concept, and a really well developed story-line. I really admire and look up to J.K Rowling for her incredible fantasy world and amazing story. I am just stating that Edward would most definately win!

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